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Modern Girls And Old Fashioned Men (2/?)

Title: Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men
Chapter: You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told) (2/?)
Author: Me.
Rating: PG13 for surgical stuff and omgtheangst.
Pairing: O'Stevens, implied George/Callie, implied Mer/Der
Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy, blah, blah, blah.
Summary: After 3x19 ("My Favorite Mistake"), Izzie is in the OR with Dr. Shepherd. Afterwards, Derek and George share a moment.
Notes: This may go on forever. No. Seriously. What else am I going to do until April 26? I don't know either. Like always, tell me what you think.
[Chapter One]

George paced back and forth in the stairwell. He turned as he heard the door open. It's Meredith.
“He's operating right now.”
He didn't say anything. He didn't ask why. He didn't want to know, but she couldn't stand the
“It's an aneurysm.”
“It's the middle cerebal artery.”
He nodded.
“Other than that she'll be fine. Once they get out.”
He didn't say anything else. Again, she couldn't stand it.
“Howcome you guys stopped talking a few days ago? I thought you made up.”
“Meredith..” She knew he was pleading.
He needed her to stop. He didn't want to think about and she could tell.
So silently, George and Meredith sat on the stairs as minutes and hours it seemed, passed them.

Finally, Addison opened the door. As the two sets of eyes turned to her, she inhaled.
The breath escaped her lungs, “Her aneurysm burst. She..” Addison inhaled again, “She coded for
a second, but Dere-- Doctor Shepherd brought her back. She's headed for recovery.”
Her heart was pounding so hard she swore they could hear it. She wondered why she was
always the go-to person for intern related bad news.

George didn't speak and he turned to leave.
Even though he tried to force it out of his mind, it would crept back in. Like that song you
hate on the radio, but everyone who passes you seems to love singing it. And each time he
thought about it, it just felt like someone was twisting up his insides.


In his mind he sees himself with her. Standing in the locker room. Her back was to the locker,
and he was standing in front her. He could
smell her.

“George, I..” Even her eyes, it seemed, pleaded with him. “..I need you.”
“No.” That was good. Firm. He was strong.
“Please, you don't understand.” She reached for his hand.
He moved away. He couldn't listen to this. He had to be strong for his wife.
“I understand, okay? I'm married. You know if I was single..” He stopped himself. “I'm married.”
He felt like his heart was wrentching inside his chest. He could see something inside her dying.
It was behind her eyes. He could feel her, and it hurt him.
She sunk down the ground. Her face was red, and he knew she was crying. She tried her best to
hold onto him physically, even in this state. He could hear the patter of tears falling on his
sneakers. He didn't move, but he could still breathe her in.
“I love.. I love you George..”
His voice shook, “You don't know what love is.” He swallowed.
God help me, because I can't fight this much longer.


Flashes of this encounter moved through his mind like a movie as he moved down the hallway. He
stopped, turned left and he was facing the door. The surgery was over. She was in there.
He looked over. It was Derek.

“It ruptured on the table. I heard.”
“I took care of it. I managed to occlude the bleeding.” Derek crossed his arms.
“It could bleed again.” George's eyes never left the glass of the door.
“There is very little risk of--”
“Denny.” George's voice fell low. Derek looked him over, but George.. He still stared at the
glass looking at all the tubes and machines that were connected to her.
“Denny.. He was fine after surgery but.. It happened.”
“What are you saying O'Malley?”
“I don't think I can take another round of laying on the bathroom floor for hours. Because this
time... She won't be there.”
Derek understood. He turned back to the door and for a few moments he held his breath.
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