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Modern Girls And Old Fashioned Men (3/?)

Title: Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men
Chapter: Everybody Come Down (3/?)
Author: maniaclove
Rating: PG
Pairing: O'Stevens
Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy. It's a bummer.
Summary: After Izzie's surgery, George needs to make a choice.
[Chapter One] [Chapter Two]

George continued to pace back and forth in the hall outside Izzie's room.
Meredith was in there now. Alex, Cristina, Bailey, The Chief, Derek, Addison and now Meredith
all went there to sit with her for a time, and soon it would be he his turn. She was most
definately going to be fine, but the fact that she hadn't woken up yet was a bit worrisome.
As he watched Meredith leave her side, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He reached in and
pulled out his cell phone. His wife's name read on the screen.

“Callie.” He was almost happy to hear her voice.
“George, look. Can we just go back to being that perfect married couple?”
He wanted to say yes but.. The last fight they had when he almost told her about his night with
Izzie.. It broke him. He felt guilty and wrong, and he didn't how he could be so emotionally
invested over these two different people.
“Of course we can.” He tried desperately to believe what he told her.
“That's great! Look, I'm on my way to work and --”
“Izzie.” Her name surprised him. “She was an a car accident today.”
“Oh, I see. I'll be careful coming in then. Is she okay?” She didn't ask because she wanted to,
but it seemed like the right thing to do. He knew it, too.
“She had an anuerysm caused by blunt force trauma. Dr. Shepherd, He.. He took care of it. She'll
be fine.”
“That's good George. I'll see you in a few minutes. I love you.”
“Okay.” He hung up.

“Was that Callie?” Meredith looked genuinely concerned.
“Yeah. you know we fight but.. We always make up. It's good.”
She nodded. “You should go to Izzie. She should wake up soon. She'll want to see you.”
“Callie is coming.. I should meet her in --”
“George. You need to just choose. I know you're married but do you know what izzie has been
doing? Nesting. Opening my Dead Mother's old boxes. We don't want this. Izzie, my Dead Mother
and I? We don't want this. Fix it.” She poked him in chest.
He wanted to pretend that she was just playing, but he knew she was telling the truth.
Fighting the urge to flee and meet Callie in the locker room, he opened the door, and closed it
quietly behind him.


Ungh,” her first reaction was to sit up, but her head felt heavy. She was in horrible
pain, and she could feel something uncomfortable in her nose. As her eyes focused, she realized
she was staring up at the hospital ceiling. Then she realized she was in a hospital bed. And
she couldn't move. George came into her line of sight as he leaned over her before she could
enter Panic Mode.

“Izz.. Izzie. Don't be scared okay?” His voice was low as he stroked her hair delicately. He
knew there must be a small patch missing from the surgery but he couldn't find it.
“What happened to me George? Did Callie kill me? She killed me, didn't she?”
He smiled and let a chuckle escape is lips.
“No.. It's still our secret. Someone.. Someone, drove into your car. Well, Meredith's car. But
you're okay.”
She smiled back for a moment. “My head hurts George.”
He didn't want to tell her. Where were her parents? Why did he have to do this?
He knew he had to. It was painful and awkward and forced, but finally, “You had an anuerysm.”
She felt her heart beat. “What?”
“Dr. Shepherd got it. You're fine.” He nearly choked on his words as he grabbed her hands to
comfort her. “You're gonna be fine, Izz.”
He needed to cry but he wanted to be strong. Alex wouldn't cry. Why was he thinking about Alex?

“She's awake?” Derek said closing the door behind him.
“Dr. Shepherd.. Derek..” Her gaze followed him as he moved across the room.
“You're going to be fine, Miss Isobel Stevens.”
“Dr. Stevens.” She corrected.
“Not for awhile. You can go home to Meredith and Alex, bake some muffins, and come back in a few weeks.”
George's head hung low. He should be there. Not him. Why I am I thinking about him again?


He wanted to stay with her all night after his shift. He wanted to tell her how worried he was. In that brief moment he wanted to pretend that Callie never existed. To be guilt-free. He wanted
to tell her what a beautiful surgery Derek had performed but he couldn't. He knew he needed to go back to his wife.

After his shift ended, he went to her room one more time. She was sleeping.
He kissed her forehead and cupped his hand over her ear, incase the nurse should hear.

As he turned away it felt like he was leaving her on that locker room floor again.

He could hear the patter of tears falling on his sneakers. He didn't move, but he could still
breathe her in.
“I love.. I love you George..”

As he left the hospital, the words he whispered to her echoed in his mind.
“I love you too, Izzie”
Tags: izzie/george, modern girls
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